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Build Ionic apps in Meteor!

NOTE: This package is no longer being actively maintained.

If you are interested in maintaining it, contact me through my Github profile. Now that Meteor is officially supporting (and actively recommending) React and Angular, I suggest using Ionic, Ionic 2 or React-Ionic as alternatives for building hybrid mobile apps with Meteor.


This is an attempt at real Ionic and Meteor integration. This is not just Ionic's CSS framework wrapped in a Meteor package. It aims to be a complete port of Ionic’s Angular directives to Meteor Blaze templates.


Ionic is arguably the most comprehensive, polished, cross-platform mobile framework available. But unfortunately a large portion of its functionality comes from Angular directives. I'm not a fan of trying to force-fit Angular into Meteor, so I wanted to see if I could rewrite Ionic specifically for Meteor.

Getting started Guide

Check out the for a guide on how to get started.


Beta See the TODO section below to see which Angular Directives have been ported to Blaze.


Rather than include compiled or CDN versions of Ionic's CSS Framework we’ve extraced it into two separate packages:


Contacts App

A simple CRUD app to manage contacts.

Demo | Code

Meteor Hunt

A Product Hunt clone built in Meteor Ionic. (In Progress)

Demo | Code

Demo of all components

The demo app of various meteoric components

Demo | Code

You can also keep track of the various other repos from the Meteoric team


Angular Directives to convert to Blaze:

  • ActionSheet
  • Backdrop
  • Content
    • ion-content
    • ion-refresher (not necessary with Meteor)
    • ion-pane
  • Events (use a 3rd party library?)
  • Form Inputs (using meteoric:autoform-ionic)
    • ion-checkbox
    • ion-radio
    • ion-toggle
  • Gesture (use a 3rd party library?)
  • Headers/Footers
    • ion-header-bar
    • ion-footer-bar
  • Keyboard (requires cordova integration)
  • Lists (needs edit/remove/sort functionality)
    • ion-list
    • ion-item
    • ion-delete-button
    • ion-reorder-button
    • ion-option-button
    • collection-repeat
  • Loading
  • Modal
  • Navigation (requires iron:router integration)
    • ion-nav-view
    • ion-view
    • ion-nav-bar
    • ion-nav-back-button
    • ion-nav-buttons (not needed?)
    • ion-nav-title
    • nav-transition (not needed?)
    • nav-direction (not needed?)
  • Platform
  • Popover
  • Popup
  • Scroll
    • ion-scroll
    • ion-infinite-scroll
  • Side Menus
    • ion-side-menus
    • ion-side-menu-content
    • ion-side-menu
    • expose-aside-when (not sure this is needed)
    • menu-toggle
    • menu-close
  • Slide Box
  • Tabs (requires iron:router integration)
    • ion-tabs
    • ion-tab


MIT License


Ionic components for Meteor. No Angular!




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