Currency, exchange rate and conversions support for django projects.
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Currency, exchange rate and conversions support for django projects.


django-exchange is available on pypi repositories so youre free to use pip or easy_install:

$ pip install django-exchange

Or you might want to install from source:

$ wget
$ unzip
$ cd django-exchange-xxx
$ python install

Add exchange into your INSTALLED_APPS settings of your django project:


Don't forget to sync your db to create corresponding database tables:

$ python syncdb

Populating Data

django-exchange supports populating currency and exchange rates using a service provider automatically. Currently it has built in support for service. It is only a matter of supplying an api key obtained from as django settings using the key OPENEXCHANGERATES_API_KEY:


Now you can populate you currency and exchange rates magically by typing:

$ python update_rates


Currency conversions is dead easy. There are auxilaray methods helps you calculate conversions using populated exchange rates under exchange.conversions module.

Take a look at the example below:

>>> from exchange.conversion import Price, convert
>>> my_price = Price(50, 'USD')
>>> convert(my_price, 'EUR')
<Price(value=Decimal('36.68585000'), currency='EUR')>


Coming soon...


  • Convenient template tags
  • Django price field implementation supporting currency conversions
  • Easier api with convenient refaactorings
  • A few more builtin exchange rate provider