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rake db:create? #2

ghost opened this Issue · 3 comments

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rake db:create doesn't seem to be working


This is a dup of issue #1 - the problem is, the database rake tasks that ship with rails specifically check for drivers named "mysql", "pg" or like 'sqlite' - I'm working with the rails team on a fix for this as this (database creation, and other stuff) should be the responsibility of the database adapter itself, not the rake task.
@methodmissing - not sure if you want to keep this open or whatever, but I'm definitely looking into it and will let you know of progress (if any)


Oh I see. Yeah makes sense, the adapter should do it instead.
Not a biggie anyway. What I've been doing is using mysql on development (where I have to recreate many times) and mysqlplus on production.


BTW sorry for the repost.

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