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What is OpenRTS?

OpenRTS is a 3D real-time strategy game engine. It's coded in Java 1.8, powered by jMonkeyEngine 3, and is open-source.

OpenRTS intends to support any kind of common real-time strategy gameplay, design and control, providing its own editor and a versatile data structure.

The project also wants to be a pool of RTS resources, giving access to a large and free-to-use set of maps, models, sounds, armies' data, and gameplays.

OpenRTS is still under development. There is a long way to go and a huge and growing TODO list. We will be glad to receive any of your contributions!

Watch the engine in action!

How to set up?

The project uses Gradle to support any IDE, or none.

Just clone the repository, then at the command-line in the clone's root directory run "./gradlew run" (or "gradlew.bat run" on windows).

You want to set up in your favorite IDE like jMonkey SDK or Eclipse? Simple! Please follow this page of the wiki.

The engine is set by default with a test dataset and some example maps you can load.

  • F1 : Game Mode (static iso camera)
  • F2 : Editor Mode
  • F3 : First Person view (for testing purpose)

Need Help?

First, you should take a look at the wiki. Then you will likely want to go to the forum.

And of course, you shouldn't hesitate to write to us at

How to contribute?

You want to participate and make OpenRTS a fully functional game engine? Please do—the more the merrier!


The best place to start if you would like to contribute is in the OpenRTS forum! Join in on debates and brainstormings about how to make OpenRTS better. The forum is also the best place to meet our awesome team.

GitHub issues, our TODO list

We've got plenty of things you can work on right now, check our current open issues. And we will be happy to add your requested features to the enhancement list.


OpenRTS wants to provide its own complete and workable dataset to allow immediate RTS creation.

We are glad to welcome all your creations : models, sounds, maps, particle sprites, army data... And if your contribution respects the current low-poly art style, so much the only better!

Please note that all your contributions will fall under the OpenRTS licence, and will become public and free-to-use, as is the engine itself.

Finaly, following (twitter), starring and sharing helps a lot !

Bug report

If you find a bug (and you will probably see many), please search for existing bug reports to avoid duplicates. Then open your issue with a little test case. You can also report it on the forum, if you prefer.


OpenRTS is released under the MIT License, which will also apply to any contributions made to OpenRTS. See the file LICENSE.

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