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Methuselah Cryptocurrency


SegWit and SegWit2x active, Lightning Network compatible, Atomic Swap compatible and an increased non-SegWit block size of 4MB; introducing one of the first Masternode-enabled digital currency based off core Bitcoin version 0.14.2. Methuselah endeavours to eliminate unwanted transaction malleability through SegWit activation from day 0; solves capacity constraints suffered by Bitcoin and its peer group through a larger non-SegWit block size and increased signature operations - effectively introducing SegWit4x; is Lightning Network compatible - supporting instant payments, scalability, low cost and cross blockchain transactions; proposes a fair distribution through a Zero Start Instamine Protection (ZSIP) policy and Zero Start Masternode Reward (ZSMR) policy; and furthermore, implements a modified version of the new effective D601 difficulty re-targeting algorithm

Coin Specifications

  • Ticker: SAP
  • Algorithm: Lyra2rev2
  • RPC Port: 7556
  • P2P Port: 7555
  • Block Spacing: 135 Seconds
  • Difficulty Algorithm: D601 Moving Average
  • Block Size: 2MB (adjustable)
  • Mined/Minted Maturity: 100 Blocks (~225 Minutes)
  • Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~13.5 Minutes)
  • Circulation (1 Year): 17,519,775 SAP
  • Circulation (5 Years): 30,659,756 SAP
  • PoW Period: Indefinite
  • Maximum supply: 150,000,000
  • Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR

Masternode Reward Scaling:

Start Block End Block Share (PoW / Masternode)
1 1,920 100% / 0%
1,921 8,960 70% / 30%
8,961 17,920 60% / 40%
17,921 Forever 50% / 50%

Block Reward Scaling:

Start Block End Block Reward Total Supply
1 1 Premine 480,000
2 233,600 75 17,519,775
233,601 467,201 37.5 26,279,775
467,202 700,801 18.75 30,659,756
700,802 Indefinitely 10 150,000,000+


Methuselah Foundation Team

  • Methuse - Lead Developer, Wizard
  • Jooky - Marketing, Community Management
  • Ren - Developer, Systems Engineer
  • Theweakshall - Automation, Development
  • Protoxylem - Project Advisor


Credit goes to Bitcoin Core, Dash, Bitsend and STRAKS for providing a basic platform for Methuselah to enhance and develop, in concert with a shared desire to support the adoption of a decentralised digital currency future for the masses.


Methuselah Core is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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