@methuselahdev methuselahdev released this Jul 21, 2018

Assets 6
  • Boost 1.67 update
  • Build Unix readme updates

@methuselahdev methuselahdev released this Jul 18, 2018 · 14 commits to master since this release

Assets 6


  • OSX QT Wallet
    • Updated build process
    • Created travis.yml build config
  • Spork implementation completion
  • Lockdown spork addition (SPORK_8_LOCKDOWN)
    • Will require masternode payments for set block height or will reject the block and ban the peer.
  • Update to getblocksubsidy
  • Update to getblocktemplate
  • Addition of active protocol and related spork (SPORK_9_ACTIVE_PROTOCOL)
    • Will no longer communicate with new nodes that have a protocol version before the set active protocol version. A restart of the node is suggested.
  • Updated QT wallet style
    • If you do not see the darker style go to the menu Settings -> Options... -> Display, select default for the User Interface Theme: and then click on OK. Now restart the wallet.
  • Updated checkpoints
  • Updated to protocol version 70103
  • methuselah.conf created on default when trying to open from the wallet
  • masternode.conf created by default when trying to open from the wallet
  • Updated copyright information