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Looks sharp—I like it.

There's just one UI matter. There are several legal codes that are one, even two levels deeper, and plenty of titles of those structural units that are really much longer than things like "Crimes Against Peace and Order." So you'll have to consider what the breadcrumb trail will look like when that happens. FWIW, it's perfectly fine to truncate those, as long as it's clear that the text has been truncated. (You can imagine that cutting off the title of a text in the wrong spot could yield a title that's entirely different in meaning.)

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Any truncation should have an ellipse, and I would like to investigate the possibility of having a normal state (say ~200px) and then a hover state that expands out to show the whole title.

I didn't dare ask for that, but, yes, that'd be pretty sweet. :)

Can you get the longest title so I can try and see how broken that would look?

Well, I can't say for the whole U.S., but in Virginia, the longest title is probably:

Overtime Compensation for Law-Enforcement Employees and Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and Other Fire Protection Employees.

I say "probably" because Virginia's SGML truncates structural titles at 100 characters, so that even the official site doesn't have the whole thing.

And the longest one in Florida is:

Effectiveness of security agreement; attachment of security interest; rights of parties to security agreement

They get pretty long!

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I have coded up the first version of this based on the comp 4184434 ... This may need to be adjusted when we get real data in there, but I wanted to make sure to get something out.

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