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FCM Changes

Go to for a full listing of issues for each release.

2017.10.0 (2017-10-03)

FCM release 40.

Noteworthy Changes

#247: fcm make: build: partially revert #245 so the link task will, as before, create a temporary dependent object library before linking the main object to it. However, users can now specify the build.prop{link-without-ar} setting in the configuration to prevent it from creating the temporary dependent object library, and put the full list of dependent object files in the linker command line instead.

2017.09.0 (2017-09-27)

FCM release 39.

Noteworthy Changes

#246: fcm make: new description setting to allow users to specify any string to describe the current make.

#245: fcm make: build: a link task for creating an executable will no longer create an archive library with the ar command before calling the linker. The linker command will contain the full list of object files instead.

2017.02.0 (2017-02-24)

FCM release 38.

Noteworthy Changes

#243: fcm switch: fix Perl warning. This happened on an unexpected usage. A user has checked out an entire project tree, and then run fcm switch trunk on it. Clearly it did not work, but the added Perl warning was not helpful either.

2016.12.0 (2016-12-06)

FCM release 37.

Noteworthy Changes

#241: fcm branch-delete: fix Perl warning on branches in a Rosie repository.

#240: fcm make: fix implementation of build.prop{ignore-missing-dep-ns}.

2016.10.0 (2016-10-07)

FCM release 36.

Noteworthy Changes

#239: fcm conflicts: handle tree conflict: local file edit, incoming file replace upon merge.

#238: fcm make: use TMPDIR (if defined in the environment) for temporary files on load/dump of ctx.gz, instead of /tmp/.

2016.09.0 (2016-09-19)

FCM release 35. Minor bug fix, and minor update to admin utilities.

Noteworthy Changes

#235: fcm make: build: fix sprintf redundant argument warning on Perl 5.22+.

2016.05.1 (2016-05-19)

FCM release 34. Minor update to admin utilities, nothing noteworthy for users.

2016.05.0 (2016-05-05)

FCM release 33. Minor bug fix and update.

Noteworthy Changes

#229: fcm commit, branch-create, branch-delete, etc: the default graphical editor for commit message is modified from gedit to gvim -f, as gedit is not reliable for running in the foreground.

#227: fcm make: on gunzip of the context file, pass a file handle rather than a path to the gunzip function to work around problems when files are made read-only via ACL.

2016.02.0 (2016-02-11)

FCM release 32. Minor bug fix and update.

Noteworthy Changes

#222: Configuration file: fix variable substitution of value 0. A (environment) variable value of 0 was previously lost on substitution. This fixes the problem.

#219: fcm make: extract: fix target status on conflict. On conflict, the target status was recorded incorrectly as unchanged. This caused incremental extracts to succeed in error. This change fixes the problem.

#215: Improvements to version related functionality:

  • fcm version: now displays FCM_HOME location.
  • fcm make: new require-version=MIN-VERSION [MAX-VERSION] declaration. If this declaration is specified and the current version is below MIN-VERSION or if a MAX-VERSION is specified and the current version is above it, the command will fail immediately.

2015.12.0 (2015-12-09)

FCM release 31. Minor update.

Noteworthy Changes

#214: fcm make: build.prop declarations: modifiers such as dep.include, dep.o, no-dep.include and no-dep.o are now supported with namespaces that are target names.

2015.11.0 (2015-11-17)

FCM release 30. Minor update.

Noteworthy Changes

#208: fcm make: build: now recognises more patterns as indicators of the existence of a main program in a C source file.

#207: fcm test-battery: now runs correctly in the absence of site/user configuration on recent Ubuntu distros.

2015.10.0 (2015-10-15)

FCM release 29. Minor update.

Noteworthy Changes

#205: fcm make: build: new setting build.prop{checksum-method}=md5|sha1|... allows users to choose MD5 or one of SHA algorithms in Perls' Digest::SHA to calculate the checksums of source and target files.

#204: fcm branch-create: allow --bob as a synonym of --branch-of-branch.

2015.09.0 (2015-09-28)

FCM release 28. Minor update to admin utilities, nothing noteworthy for users.

2015.08.0 (2015-08-19)

FCM release 27. Minor update to admin utilities, nothing noteworthy for users.

2015.07.0 (2015-07-09)

FCM release 26.

Noteworthy Changes

#197: fcm make: build: fix target select modifier.

  • The category modifier should now work.
  • The ns modifier never worked, and is removed. Instead task and category selection can now be filtered by name-space.

#196: pre/post commit: improve changeset size diagnostic

  • pre-commit: log (but don't email) >1MB transactions
  • post-commit: report pre-commit size threshold (normally 10MB) for any >1MB changesets

#192: Primary location keyword: trailing slashes in values of primary location keywords will now removed automatically.

#191: fcm (branch-)diff --graphical: will now use the option --config-option config:working-copy:exclusive-locking-clients= to prevent the client from being locked.

2015.05.0 (2015-05-28)

FCM release 25.

Highlighted Changes

#188: fcm make: allow multiple runs in same directory. A make can now be named, so multiple non-overlapping makes can work in the same directory. It is worth noting that once you have used this version of fcm make on a directory, older version of FCM will no longer work in incremental mode on the same directory. See also metomi/rose#1604.

Noteworthy Changes

#190: fcm make: new --archive option. If archive mode is specified, TAR-GZIP these items by default:

  • .fcm-make/cache/extract/
  • build/include/
  • build/o/

where extract and build are names of extract and build steps. Users can configure what to TAR-GZIP under build/.

#189: fcm make: correctly support relocation of a make.

2015.03.0 (2015-03-26)

FCM release 24.

Noteworthy Changes

#183: Use of Subversion 1.6 with FCM is no longer recommended.

#181: fcm make: source file find: ignore hidden paths only if paths are under the source root directory, i.e. it is now OK for the source root directory to be a hidden path itself.

#178: fcm make: .fcm-make/log symbolic links are now relative. This should make it easier to relocate a build.

2015.02.0 (2015-02-10)

FCM release 23.

Noteworthy Changes

#176: fcm make: build: fix creation of Fortran interface files where procedure arguments declared with EXTERNAL statements were incorrectly matched in case-sensitive mode.

#170: fcm commit: now works in a working copy with externals.

#169: fcm branch-delete: now fails if bad arguments specified.

#168: fcm branch-diff: --trac now works correctly. The /intertrac/ syntax did not appear to work any more. Use /search?q= syntax instead.

2014.12.0 (2014-12-08)

FCM release 22.

Noteworthy Changes

#164: fcm build: fix fortran interface generation, broken by #156.

#163: fcm merge --reverse: improve logic. It now works with non-standard layout. The --revision=[M:]N option is no longer compulsory. It now uses the last changed revision of the working copy by default.

#162: fcm-manage-trac-env-session: fix session logic. If a user already has some entries in the session_attribute table, the old logic will not insert a new name or email for the user. The new logic will only skip the name or email attribute if already set correctly.

2014.11.0 (2014-11-25)

FCM release 21.

Noteworthy Changes

#161: post-commit-bg-notify-who: use branch creator as branch owner if it cannot be determined by the branch name.

#159, #160: FCM's Subversion wrappers: display error messages when svn info commands fail.

#158: fcm make: extract: improve checking of primary location in inherited mode. Compare old value with normalised version of new value. E.g. use of location keywords and extra slashes at the end of the path will no longer result in a configuration conflict.

#156: fcm extract and fcm build: fix warnings from Perl 5.12+ when parsing configuration file.

#155: fcm make: fix report of no such config file.

#150: fcm-manage-trac-env-session: improve removal logic.

#149: fix bug, alter message override, and add tests.

#148: Reverse commit.conf logic. To verify branch owner, specify verify-branch-owner. To notify branch owner, specify notify-owner. post-commit-bg now supports owner notification on trunk commit.

#147: Use dd conv=fsync to create backup and dump to ensure that backup and dump data is written to disk before returning a good status.

#146: fcm merge: basic support for meld.

2014.09.0 (2014-09-17)

FCM release 20.

Highlighted Changes

#138: fcm make: build: continue on failure.

  • The build system will continue as much as possible after a failure, and only repeat failed tasks in incremental modes.
  • This change also fixes a problem where the system could lose information after a failure. Tasks that would be run after the failed task would not get their context recorded correctly. In a subsequent incremental build, the system would end up doing more work than necessary.

#135: fcm make: multiple config files and search paths.

  • You can now specify multiple -F PATH options to specify the search paths for locating configuration files specified as relative paths.
  • You can now specify multiple -f FILE options.
  • New include-path configuration declaration for specifying the search path for configuration files specified as relative paths.
  • Improve CLI argument diagnostics.
    • The command dies if an argument is missing an equal sign.
    • Suggest command line syntax if argument ends with .cfg.

#129, #136, #143, #144: Major improvements to the admin sub-system:

  • Improve hook installation. Write, store and housekeep hook logs at $REPOS/log/. Clean options for hook installation. Install svnperms.conf from repository root. TZ=UTC for all hook scripts.
  • Improve diagnostics for hooks. Custom configuations per repositories. Configurable pre-revprop-change permissions. Hooks to work best under Subversion 1.8+. Add modified in distribution. Trac 0.12+ changeset added and modified notification.
  • Trac URL template.
  • fcm-add-trac-env: add Trac comment edit permission.
  • Separate InterTrac configurations from trac.ini into intertrac.ini.
  • Fix usage of FCM_CONF_PATH for admin.
  • Improve documentation and logic for admin configuration.
  • Get user info via LDAP or traditional Unix password file.
  • New admin commands:
    • fcm-add-svn-repos-and-trac-env
    • fcm-add-svn-repos
    • fcm-manage-trac-env-session
  • pre-commit: optionally block branch create with bad owner.
  • post-commit-bg: rename repository dump.
  • post-commit-bg: optionally notify branch owner if author is not owner.
  • post-* hooks: configurable notification From: field.
  • Test batteries for hooks, and selected admin utilities.

Noteworthy Changes

#140: fcm mkpatch: Changes required for use with svn 1.8 + other minor bug fixes.

#139: fcm commit: fail a commit if it includes the #commit_message# file.

#137: fcm merge: basic support for kdiff3.

#129: fcm commit/fcm branch-rm: fix branch owner test to use correct user ID.

2014.06.0 (2014-06-10)

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#125: fcm make: build: handle adjacent cyclic dependency correctly.

#128: Remove unnecessary -r, -w and -x tests to avoid ACL problems. Use Perl's filetest pragma where necessary to correctly handle ACL.

2014-04 (2014-04-23)

Highlighted Changes

#114, #117, #118: fcm make: build: now recognises statements with Fortran OpenMP sentinels that affect build dependencies. These dependencies are normally ignored. However, if a relevant build.prop{fc.flag-omp} property is specified, the build system will treat these statements as normal dependency statements.

Noteworthy Changes

#121: fcm make: extract via SSH: improve performance by using find -printf instead of find -exec stat.

#120: fcm make: build will now correctly handle C source files that has camel case names and main functions.

#111: fcm make: build in inherit mode: fix incorrect success in repeated incremental mode.

#105: FCM_CONF_PATH: new environment variable that can be used to override site/user configuration paths.

#103: fcm make: extract: detect diff trees that are the same as the base tree.

2014-03 (2014-03-03)

Highlighted Changes

#96: fcm make: arguments as extra configurations. This change allows the fcm make command to accept command line arguments. Each argument will be appended in order as a new line in the current fcm-make.cfg. This allows users to override the configuration on the command line.

Noteworthy Changes

#101: fcm make: do not inherit steps if it is already set in the current configuration. This allows steps= to be declared before use=.

#100: fcm make: reduce memory usage in incremental mode. Invoking fcm make with many steps was causing Perl to exit with SIGSEGV previously.

#98: fcm make: extract: fix ssh location efficiency.

#93: fcm make: fix use= properties override. This change allows use= declarations to be placed anywhere in an fcm-make.cfg without interfering other *.prop declarations.

#92: fcm branch-create/list: support alternate username using information in users' ~/.subversion/servers file.

#91: fcm make: remove config-on-success on failure.

2014-02 (2014-02-03)

Highlighted Changes

#83: fcm make: build: an initial attempt to support some Fortran 2K features.

  • Recognise iso_fortran_env as an intrinsic module.
  • Recognise use, intrinsic :: statements.
  • Recognise class, double complex and procedure as types.
  • Recognise new type declaration attributes.
  • Recognise abstract interface blocks.
  • Recognise impure elemental as a valid function or subroutine attribute.
  • Recognise submodule blocks.

Noteworthy Changes

#89: fcm merge, fcm switch, etc: Subversion 1.8 svn upgrade command may not write a .svn/entries file at the working copy root. Several FCM wrappers were failing because they were unable to determine the working copy root. This is fixed by using the new entry available in Subversion 1.8 svn info to determine the working copy root.

#87: fcm make: build: print sources to targets diagnostics on -vv mode and in the log.

2014-01 (2014-01-20)

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#81: fcm make: build: fix cyclic dependency logic.

#80: fcm make: extract: support extract.location declarations reset.

#79: fcm make: extract: SSH location: ignore dot files.

2013-12 (2013-12-02)

Highlighted Changes


Noteworthy Changes

#77: fcm make: mirror and build: fix etc files install. This was broken by #65 which causes etc files to be installed to bin/.

#74: Handle date in svn log --xml, which may have trailing spaces and lines.

2013-11 (2013-11-22)

Highlighted Changes

#65: fcm make: support declaration of class default properties using the syntax e.g. build.prop{class,fc}=my-fc.

#65: fcm make: build: support target name as name-space for target properties, e.g. build.prop{fc}[myprog.exe]=my-fc. N.B. Dependency properties are regarded as source properties, and so are not supported by this change.

Noteworthy Changes

#73: fcm mkpatch: use /usr/bin/env bash in generated scripts.

#72: fcm conflicts: fix incompatibility with SVN 1.8.

#70: fcm CLI: support new SVN 1.8 commands.

#68: sbin/fcm-backup-*: hotcopy before verifying the hotcopy.

#63: fcm make: log file improvements. Print FCM version in beginning of log file.

#63: fcm --version: new command to print FCM version.

#63: FCM is no longer dependent on the HTTP::Date Perl module.

2013-10 (2013-10-30)

Highlighted Changes

Changes that have significant impact on user experience.

#52: fcm make: build: new properties for C++ source files, separated from C source files. File extension for C and C++ source files is rationalised to follow what is documented in the GCC manual.

#50, #54: fcm make: build/preprocess.prop: include-paths/lib-paths/libs: New build properties to specify a list of include paths for compile tasks, and library paths and libraries for link tasks.

Noteworthy Changes

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

#59: fcm make: fix invalid cyclic dependency error when build.prop{dep.o} is declared on the root name-space.

#58: fcm make: build: improve diagnostics for duplicated targets and bad values in build.prop{ns-dep.o} declarations.

#55: fcm make: extract: can now extract from a location that is accessible via ssh and rsync.

#53: fcm make: .fcm-make/log can now be accessed as fcm-make.log.

#51: FCM documentation: style updated using Bootstrap.

2013-09 (2013-09-26)

Highlighted Changes

Changes that have significant impact on user experience.


Noteworthy Changes

Bug fixes and minor enhancements:

#45: An attempt to allow FCM to work under a case insensitive file system.

#39, #40, #41: CM commands are now tested under Subversion 1.8.

#37: fcm make: build: fixed hanging of ext-iface tasks when there is an unbalanced quote or bracket in a relevant Fortran source file.

#20: fcm make: build: allow separate linker command and add ability to keep the intermediate library archive while linking an executable.

#19: added test suite for code management commands to the distribution.

r4955: fcm extract: fix failure caused by the checking of latest version of a deleted branch.

FCM-2-3-1 and Prior Releases