Fast Clojure.test runner for Boot and Leiningen
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Bat-test Clojars Project

Formerly known as Boot-alt-test

Fast Clojure.test runner for Boot and Leiningen.


  • Requires tools.namespace 0.3.0-alpha3
  • Uses eftest to display pretty reports
    • Can optionally run tests parallel
    • Can capture output and display the output just for the failing tests (:capture-output?, enabled by default)
    • Can be configured to stop running tests after the first failure (:fail-fast?)
  • Easy way to setup and combine eftest reporters:
    • Built-in reporters can be referred by keywords :pretty, :progress and :junit
    • Reporter can be map with :type (referring to reporter fn) and option :output-to which will redirect the output to a file.
    • Multiple reporters can be combined when defining them as vector: (bat-test :report [:pretty {:type :junit :output-to "target/junit.xml"}])
  • Uses to reload changed namespaces and to run only the tests in changed or affected namespaces
  • Tries to recover from namespace reload errors so that no process restart is needed
    • This means that after some exceptions all the namespaces have to reloaded
    • Related: (CTN-6, CTN-24)
  • Run all tests by hitting enter
  • Two hooks to manage the test environment
    • on-start hook: run a function before any tests are run
    • on-end hook: run a function after all tests are run
  • Cloverage integration
    • cloverage-opts option to set (subset) of Cloverage options
    • boot bat-test -c or lein bat-test cloverage
    • Probably doesn't work well together with watch task


Leiningen features

  • Built-in file change watcher
  • Copies lein-test API, e.g. test-selectors:
    • lein bat-test :only namespace/test-var
    • lein bat-test only-this-namespace
    • lein bat-test :integration
  • :notify-command for calling notify-send or Growl or such

Boot Usage

  1. Add [metosin/bat-test "X.X.X" :scope "test"] as a dependency in your build.boot

  2. Add (require '[metosin.bat-test :refer (bat-test)]) somewhere in your build.boot to make the task available to your Boot workflow.

  3. Run boot bat-test at the command-line or (boot (bat-test)) in the REPL, or add bat-test task as part of your Boot pipeline.

See boot bat-test -h for a list of available task options.

Lein Usage

  1. Add [metosin/bat-test "X.X.X"] as a plugin in your project.clj

  2. Add options under :bat-test key in project map and run lein bat-test at the command-line

See lein bat-test help for a list of available task options.


Copyright © 2016-2018 Metosin Oy

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.