Practical examples of how to consume Rackspace's Cloud Services
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Last Major Update: 07/08/2014


Touchstone is a collection of projects with the intention of showcasing the following lessons & Rackspace Cloud capabilties:

  • How to architect projects to properly use the current best practices of web development & cloud computing
  • Where one should be decoupling responsibility amongst services to provide the best performance, functionaliy and content delivery with minimal delay & disruption
  • How to properly consume & utilize Rackspace Cloud resources
  • How to organzie & orchestrate the provisioning of cloud infrastructure and leveraging this capability to allow for the self-configuration of web services in the rest of the stack above


  • Projects are based on an OpenStack Heat HOT template (defined in YAML) that self-provisions, installs and configures the project when provided into a Heat enabled environment.
  • Where applicable, projects could have templates that function for both Rackspace's Public Cloud & Rackspace's Private Cloud
  • Rackspace's Public Cloud Orchestration (aka "Heat") capabilities are currently available via API only
  • Rackspace's Private Cloud Heat capabilties are currenlty available via API and Dashboard after modifying the Opscode Chef run list to include 'role[heat-all]'