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Reliable Server-side Highcharts rendering (node.js)
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A node.js implementation of a server-side Highcharts rendering service.

Accepts Highcharts JSON configuration structures and responds with the corresponding SVG.


  • Accepts Highcharts JSON configuration structures
  • Responds with SVG
  • Caches chart objects, re-uses them for requests that only change the data
  • Cleans up old chart objects and SVG
  • Well behaved daemon
    • priv dropping (nobody)
    • init script (/etc/init.d/dali)
    • pidfile (/var/run/dali/
    • config file (/etc/dali.conf)
    • logs to syslog


All dependencies are available from npm:

  • sprintf
  • ain2
  • commander
  • daemon
  • jsdom
  • metricfire
  • timezone-js


As dali is a completely standalone service, there is very little to configure.

      "listen_addr": ""
   ,  "listen_port": 3254
   ,  "metricfire_key": null


First, start dali in debug mode:

$ NODE_PATH=lib node src/dali.js
dali started

Send the example response, example/request.json, to dali and capture the SVG output

$ curl -s http://localhost:3254 --data-binary @example/request.json > response.svg

response.svg should now contain an SVG rendering of the chart.

Using dali from Python

See example/

cd example
[ large SVG output snipped ]

Building a .deb package

$ dpkg-buildpackage -tc

Don't forget to update the changelog in debian/changelog and make sure the version number matches the one in src/dali.js!

Building deb packages for dependencies

Use something like to produce deb packages for all the dependency modules listed above.

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