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Polyglot Observability R&D


  1. qryn qryn Public

    All-in-one Polyglot Observability stack with ClickHouse storage. Drop-in API compatible with Loki, Prometheus, Tempo, Opentelemetry, Elastic, InfluxDB and more! wasm powered ⭐️ Star to support ⭐️

    JavaScript 736 52

  2. qryn-view qryn-view Public

    qryn polyglot user interface to explore logs, metrics and traces 👁️ Grafana Explore alternative compatible with Loki, Prometheus and Tempo

    TypeScript 30 5

  3. otel-collector otel-collector Public

    OpenTelemetry Collector for qryn with preconfigured ingestors for Loki, Prometheus, Influx, OTLP and many more

    Go 12 3

  4. clickhouse-mate clickhouse-mate Public

    Advanced User-Interface for ClickHouse

    TypeScript 67 6

  5. fluXpipe fluXpipe Public

    TLDR: Flux for InfluxDB 3.0. Stand-alone, Serverless Flux API/Pipeline for querying, analyzing and interacting with remote data.

    FLUX 45 3

  6. vLogQL vLogQL Public

    Forked from lmangani/vLogQL

    LogQL Client in V

    V 7 2


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