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Changes Between 2.10.0 and 3.0.0 (unreleased)

Riemann Client updated

Riemann Client was migrated to io.riemann package from com.aphyr as of version 0.4.3.

Changes Between 2.9.0 and 2.10.0 (Sep 19th, 2017)

JSON Filtering of Metrics

GitHub issues: #124, #123

Contributed by Marcus Spiegel.

Per Ring Endpoint Metrics

GitHub issue: #119

Contributed by Andy Chambers.

Graphite Reporter Accepts Arbitrary Graphite Instances

GitHub issue: #122

Contributed by Taylor Wood.

Fewer Transient Dependencies

GitHub issue: #117

Contributed by Joe Littlejohn.

Cheshire Dependency Bump

GitHub issue: #125.

Contribyted by Shantanu Kumar.

Changes Between 2.8.0 and 2.9.0 (Feb 12th, 2017)

InfluxDB Reporter Option Renamed

The misspelled :group-guages option was renamed to :group-gauges.

Contributed by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.

Reflection Fixes

Contributed by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.

Changes Between 2.7.0 and 2.8.0 (Dec 28th, 2016)

Updated Dependencies

Contributed by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.

InfluxDB Reporter

Contributed by Andrew Jones.

Changes Between 2.6.0 and 2.7.0 (June 1st, 2016)

Functions for Working with Reservoirs

Ning Sun contributed several new functions that instantiate various reservoir types:

  • metrics.core/uniform-reservior
  • metrics.core/exponentially-decaying-reservoir
  • metrics.core/sliding-time-window-reservoir
  • metrics.core/sliding-window-reservoir

and a few more.

GH issue: #104

Easier to Retrieve Metrics

Ning Sun contributed several new functions that retrieve different type of metrics from a registry:

  • metrics.core/meters
  • metrics.core/histograms
  • metrics.core/timers
  • metrics.core/gauges
  • metrics.core/counters

GH issue: #102

Updated Dependencies

Contributed by Pierre-Yves Ritschard.

Changes Between 2.5.0 and 2.6.0 (Nov 30th, 2015)

Riemann Reporter

Contribited by Ragnar Dahlén.

DropWizard Metrics Upgrade

DropWizard Metrics was upgraded to 3.1.2.

Contributed by Matthias Nüßler.

Cheshire Upgrade

Cheshire was upgraded to 5.5.0.

Contributed by Shantanu Kumar.

Predicate-based Metric Removal

metrics.core/remove-metrics is a new function that removes metrics based on a predicate.

Contributed by Vincent Bernat.

Infinite Recursion in Ganglia

Ganglia reporter had an infinite recursion.

GH issue: #71.

Add support for timing expressions in core.async/go blocks

Added the macro metrics.timers/start-stop-time to enable timing expressions that include parking functions in core.async/go blocks.

Contributed by Wil Yegelwel.

Changes Between 2.4.0 and 2.5.0

Type Hints Use Fully-Qualified Names

Type hints across the libraries now use fully-qualified names, which means returned types don't have to be imported in the caller namespaces.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

:total Key In Timers

metrics.timers/rate return value now includes :total.

Contributed by Andrew Rudenko.

Added remove-all-metrics function

metrics-clojure Now has a function to remove all existing metrics from a given registry.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Metrics 3.1.1

metrics-clojure is now based on Metrics 3.1.1.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Changes Between 2.3.0 and 2.4.0

Metrics 3.1.0

metrics-clojure is now based on Metrics 3.1.0.

Improve ring instrumentation.

metrics-clojure-ring now instruments the scheme of requests, (http or https).

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Changes Between 2.2.x and 2.3.0

Enhanced Timers

metrics.timers now provides two new functions, start and stop.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

metrics-clojure-health is a new sub-project that makes implementing health checks easier in Clojure.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Ganglia Reporter

metrics-clojure-ganglia is a new sub-project that makes using the Ganglia reporter easier from Clojure.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

CSV Reporter

CSV reporter is now provided in metrics.reporters.csv.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

JMX Reporter

JMX reporter is now provided in metrics.reporters.jmx.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Stop Function for Reporter

All reporter namespace now provide a new function, stop, that stops their respective reporter.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Graphite Reporter API in Line With the Console One

metrics.reporters.graphite/start is a function that starts the reporter, just like other reporter namespaces (e.g. console) do.

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Graphite and Console Reporters Documentation Improvements

Contributed by Jason Whitlark.

Changes Between 2.1.x and 2.2.0

Graphite Extension

metrics.reporters.graphite is a new sub-project that contains a Graphite reporter.

Ring Extension Now Respects User-provided Registry

The Ring extension now respects user-provided registries instead of always using the default one.

Contributed by David Smith.


  • Fixed metrics.core/default-registry to have a valid reflection hint (no longer causes compile error when used in interop.) Fix planned on 2.1.x as well. Contributed by Tim McCormack.

Changes Between 2.0.x and 2.1.0

Ring Extension Supports Multiple Registries and Options

It is now possible to use metrics.ring.expose with a custom registry:

(require '[metrics.ring.expose :refer [expose-metrics-as-json]])

(expose-metrics-as-json ring-app "/ops/metrics" registry {:pretty-print? true})

JVM Instrumentation Extension

The project now also has a JVM instrumentation extension that covers:

  • Number of threads and their states
  • GC stats, heap, off heap memory
  • File descriptors

To enable full instrumenting, use

(require '[metrics.jvm.core :refer [instrument-jvm]])

(instrument-jvm metric-registry)

Contributed by John Cowie (ThoughtWorks).

timers/mean Returns Value (Not Rate)

metrics.timers/mean now returns mean value (not rate) of the timer.

Contributed by Steve Miner.

Ring Extension Updated for 2.0

The Ring extension is now updated for Metrics core 2.0 API.

Contributed by John Cowie (ThoughtWorks).

Changes Between 1.1.0 and 2.0.0

Metrics Registries

metrics-clojure 1.x maintained a metrics registry in a dynamic var. This approach makes the library a little easier for beginners but also much harder to use in more sophisticated cases, e.g. in concurrent applications or those that use a Component-like approach to program structure.

As such, metrics-clojure 2.0+ makes metrics registry a required explicit argument to most functions in the API:

(require '[metrics.meters :as meters])

;; with 1.x
(meters/mark! 10)

;; with 2.0
(let [m (meters/meter ["test" "meters" "test-rate-mean-update-multiple"])]
  (meters/rate-mean m)
  (meters/mark! m 10))

The library maintains a default registry in metrics.core/default-registry which tries to keep the 1.x API as functional as possible but using your own registry is encouraged.

To instantiate a registry, use metrics.core/new-registry:

(require '[metrics.core :as mtr])


See GH #19 for discussion.

defgauge Restricted to Functions Only

In metrics-clojure 1.x, metrics.gauges/defgauge could accept a function or a bunch of forms (body). In 2.0, it only accepts a function. This is in part due to the new API structure but also make the API more straightforward and works much better with explicit registry management now advocated by the library.

Nanoseconds Precision in Timers

Metrics 3.0 uses nanoseconds precision in timers.

Upgrade to Metrics 3.0

Metrics 3.0 is now used internally by the library.

Clojure 1.3 No Longer Supported

Clojure 1.3 is no longer supported by the library.

Changes Between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0


Ring integration now tracks rates of requests that use TRACE, OPTION, CONNECT, and non-standard HTTP verbs.

Contributed by Joe Littlejohn (Nokia).

Clojure 1.6

The project now depends on org.clojure/clojure version 1.6.0. It is still compatible with Clojure 1.4 and if your project.clj depends on a different version, it will be used, but 1.6 is the default now.

Cheshire 5.3

The project now uses Cheshire 5.3.