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Metrics Grimoire

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  1. Bicho Public

    Bicho is a command line based tool used to parse bug/issue tracking systems

    Python 62 31

  2. CMetrics Public

    CMetrics measures size and complexity for C files

    Shell 62 24

  3. CVSAnalY Public

    The CVSAnalY tool extracts information out of source code repository logs and stores it into a database.

    Python 48 30

  4. Mailing List Stats is a command line based tool used to analyze mboxes

    Python 38 25

  5. RepositoryHandler is a python library for handling code repositories through a common interface.

    Python 12 7

  6. Automator is a Python script which executes the Metrics Grimoire tools and the VizGrimoireR scripts. It is a work in progress.

    Python 9 10


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