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The Sitecore SXA generator for Yeoman allows you to easily add new features to your Sitecore SXA solution, while following the Helix guidelines.


  • Generates two projects for storing the code and items of your feature.
  • Adds scaffolding code required for a new SXA component.
  • Adds Sitecore items that register the component in Sitecore and in the SXA toolbox.
  • Automatically recognizes the structure of your solution and adds the projects in correct folders.

Current restrictions

  • Only SXA 1.6 is supported at the moment. We plan to add SXA 1.7 support in the near future.
  • Sitecore items are added as TDS projects. We need volunteers to add support for Unicorn.
  • The logic that recognizes solution structure needs to be further improved.


Seting up the generator

Note: the generator will soon be available in npm as well, which will make its installation easier.

  • Install npm
  • Install Yeoman globally:
    npm install -g yo
  • Clone this repository to your file system
  • Open the command line and navigate to the root of the cloned repository
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm link

Preparing the solution

Running the generator

  • Open the command line and navigate to the root of your solution
  • Run yo sitecore-sxa
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Open the solution and restore NuGet packages

You are now ready to develop your new SXA component!