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A small utility to write unit tests for Express request handlers in a more readable and shorter fashion, based on Sinon.JS and promises.

While this libary is written with Mocha, Sinon and Chai in mind, it should also work with other testing frameworks.

It's written in TypeScript and provides declaration files, but should also work with Babel or plain ES6+.



npm install -D sinon

To install:

npm install -D expressmocks

Usage examples

Let's say you have the following SampleEndpoints implementation:

import { RequestHandler } from 'express'

const helloWorld: RequestHandler = (req, res, next) => {
    const { name } = req.params

    if (name === 'Carsten') {
        res.status(200).send(`Hello ${name}`)
    } else if (name) {
    } else {
        next(new Error('validation failed'))

Some simple tests look like this:

import ExpressMocks from 'expressmocks'
import { helloWorld } from './SampleEndpoints'

describe('helloWorld', () => {
    it('should say hello to Carsten', () => {
        return ExpressMocks.create({ params: { name: 'Carsten' } }).test(helloWorld)
            .expectSend('Hello Carsten')

    it('should return with 404 for others', () => {
        return ExpressMocks.create({ params: { name: 'Simon' } }).test(helloWorld)

    it('should fail via next() on validation error', () => {
        return ExpressMocks.create().test(helloWorld)
            .expectNext(Error, 'validation failed')

ExpressMocks creates stubs for the request, response and next parameters and provides a simple API to test agains the most often used method calls.

The methods of the request and response objects are sinon stubs, which can be checked via regular Sinon API.

For more examples, please see the sample project and the ExpressMocksSpec

Build yourself

Checkout the project and run...

npm install
npm run build
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