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General utilities with no other home.

delay-traffic is a shell script for adding delay to network traffic on your Linux machine. This is useful in experiments where network delay matters but you want to normalize the delay across your experiments. This is most useful when you are doing local network access, otherwise general network delay will be added in addition to the artificial latency, thus defeating the normalization this provides.

jslint-rhino-wrap.js is a script for running the wonderful JavaScript code quality tool JSLint on local files on the command line. This script is built to run under the solid Mozilla Rhino platform, so make sure to install that first before trying to use this script. The script also requires a local copy of JSLint ( You run the script script by uttering the following at the command line: rhino jslint_rhino_wrap.js jslint.js [options]... [files]... You may find it useful to write a script to specify a permanent path to your jslint.js file. Further options are specified in the comments at the top of th script.