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Remote repository file querying, structure inspection, script sourcing directly from R
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vcs is a R package that allows users to gain control over their remote repositories on a version control system from within R.



Command Line Utilities

Functionalities that do not need a clone

  • grepr: run recursive grep directly on local paths and remote branches
  • gsubr: run recursive gsub directly on local paths
  • list_repos: list repositories of a user in a version control repository
  • ls_remote: list files on remote branches on a version control repository
  • setwd_remote: replace inline script from local path to remote path
  • source_remote: source script on remote branches, works for reading in data on remote and nested sourcing

Functionalities that clone or update a cloned repository

  • diff_head: query the difference in files between current fetch and the HEAD of a repository
  • sparse_checkout: create a sparse checkout of a repository on github/bitbucket/svn
  • update_depth: if the git repository was checked out with a depth setting, use this function to update or cancel the depth setting
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