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METS Board Space


This is a private wiki for the METS Board.

Issue Tracking

Running Task List

Board Business

METS Documentation

METS Documentation Work Group

  • Created to write the METS Primer & Reference Manual, available in PDF at METS Primer & Reference Manual
  • Thanks to members: Cecilia, Taylor, Merrilee, Susan, Rick, Nancy

Other METS Documentation Needed Suggestions from past Editorial Board meetings include:

  1. METS Position Statement for Dissemination to DLF, METS Editorial Board member institutional leadership, General PUblic (see draft, above)
  2. METS Implementation descriptions for possible D-Lib or other journal article
  3. Re-write of Overview & Tutorial?
  4. Overview of where METS fits into Digital Repository management
  5. Marketing Plan
  6. Education & Training Plan

METS 2.0 Sandbox



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