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Dynamic and Interactive Visualization of Big Data In Java and OpenGL
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assembly Depend on latest versions of fastutil and guava
config Added windows set-version.bat script
core-examples Updated to JOGL 2.2.0.
docking-examples View has a closeable flag, and TileImpl adds a close button for close…
docking Added missing license headers.
documentation/getting-started Initial import
extras-charts Set master poms to CURRENT-SNAPSHOT
extras-dspl Modifed track.xml dspl concept. Naming change only.
extras-examples Fixed ByteTextureProjected2D.
extras-swt Removed reference to BugFixNewtCanvasSWT.
extras-worldwind Continued improvements to Canvas/Layout/Painter disposal helper methods.
platform-fixes Added missing license headers.
util Added check for correlation = NaN in StatCollectorNDim.checkAndCorrec…
.gitattributes Updated .gitignore (to make it cleaner and more comprehensive) and .g…
.gitignore Added bin/ to .gitignore
LICENSE Updated master LICENSE file to indicate usage of WorldWind source code.

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