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Metta OS

Metta is a multimedia, mobile, social OS

Join the chat at

My goal is to make Metta the platform for social, efficient and fun life on the internet. I call such internet egocentric, because it revolves around your needs and desires. See a more detailed description at

Be free!


To build Metta

  • Check out the sources:
 $ mkdir Metta; cd Metta
 $ git clone develop
 $ cd develop; git checkout develop

Sources will be checked out into branch "develop" under "Metta". This extra umbrella directory is needed because toolchain builder will create Metta/toolchain for the local toolchain it builds.

  • Install dependencies

  • yasm assembler, brew install yasm for example.

  • boost, brew install boost

  • OSSP UUID implementation, brew install ossp-uuid

  • up-to-date openssl, brew install openssl

  • cdrtools (for mkisofs), brew install cdrtools

  • cmake, brew install cmake

  • ninja, brew install ninja

  • bochs emulator, brew install bochs

All dependencies in one command:

 $ brew install yasm boost ossp-uuid openssl cdrtools cmake ninja bochs
  • Generate a toolchain.
 $ cd Metta
 $ sh develop/

This is going to take a while.

If you're unable to build toolchain locally and are on a (post-) Lion Mac, download prebuilt one and unpack it.

 $ cd Metta
 $ wget
 $ tar xf toolchain-x86_64-darwin.tar.bz2
  • Build Metta
 $ cd Metta/develop/src
 $ sh
  • After successful build run emulator software to try out Metta.

src directory is preconfigured for using Bochs, so you can simply type:

 $ bochs -q

Build & test status dashboard