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; Part of Metta OS. Check for latest version.
; Copyright 2007 - 2012, Stanislav Karchebnyy <>
; Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
; (See file LICENSE_1_0.txt or a copy at
; Rename functions so they don't clash with whatever builtins there might be.
; extern "C" int __sjljeh_setjmp(jmp_buf buf);
; extern "C" void __sjljeh_longjmp(jmp_buf buf, int retval) NEVER_RETURNS;
global __sjljeh_setjmp
global __sjljeh_longjmp
; FP -> return address
; FP+4 -> jmp_buf pointer
mov ecx, [esp] ; return address to ECX
mov eax, [esp+4] ; jmp_buf address to EAX
mov [eax], ecx ; first word of jmp_buf = return address
; now save GP registers as required by C std
mov [eax+4], ebx
mov [eax+8], esi
mov [eax+12], edi
mov [eax+16], ebp
mov [eax+20], esp
xor eax, eax ; setjmp returns 0
; FP -> return address
; FP+4 -> jmp_buf pointer
; FP+8 -> return value
mov ecx, [esp+4] ; jmp_buf address in ECX
mov eax, [esp+8] ; return value in EAX
; now restore GP registers
mov ebx, [ecx+4]
mov esi, [ecx+8]
mov edi, [ecx+12]
mov ebp, [ecx+16]
mov esp, [ecx+20]
; restore stack frame
mov edx, [ecx] ; original return address in EDX
mov [esp], edx ; store original return address
mov [esp+4], ecx ; write over jmp_buf address (so that if compiler assumed it to be on the stack frame it won't fail)
; return value in EAX, if you longjmp with return value of 0 it's a logic error.