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This is something of a quick hack of the Google Chart API's Radar diagram to support a rose diagram.

I needed to quickly generate some rose diagrams for use in Google Earth at work, and couldn't find a simple programmatic solution. Unfortunately, the Google Chart API doesn't support rose diagrams natively, so I created this, a somewhat kludged, solution.

This class is something I created specifically to display the average of a list of azimuths on a rose diagram showing a graphic of the total list. It's a bit of a simplified solution, but should give someone a quick headstart on creating rose diagrams for themselves.

The module uses the Google-Chartwrapper library from:, which is the only pre-requisite. I've also used Python 3.1, but one should be able to quickly port it to the Python 2.x series (although if you're using Python 2.x, you can use matplotlib or something else to generate them).

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