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Feel free to make a pull request to a change you see that would better the website and community.

###Goals The goal of this site is to make navigating documentation easier to find and view. This is a direct result of the recent changes to But this site is inviting to any Python gaming library.

  1. Easy to find and complete Documentation
  2. Easy to find and complete Downloads
  3. Forums (communication hub)
  4. Projects (a section where everyone can upload their games and show them off)

###Contribution You can help the project in numerous ways. Post an issue of your problem/error/missing tool, etc.

#####Testing Only so much testing can be done by admins. And users may see things differently than the creators of the page.

  1. Check for typos in documentation, missing docs, or additions that should be added. Is anything out of the ordinary? Are there examples that are needed where there is not?
  2. Create project pages and ensure that you have the tools you need to showcase your games. Check that everything works and that you can do so at ease.
  3. Review the Forums and ensure that everything is available that you feel is needed.
  4. Test the site under different conditions. Different browsers may cause problems, mobile platforms may cause some.

#####Additions Currently, only pygame exists. Other libraries need to be filled in. Any GUI that makes a game in Python is welcome here.

#####Financial The server is under Digital Ocean and cost $120/annually to be up and running. The domain name cost about $15/annually. These costs are currently covered for the first year, but after still needs support. Otherwise the site could not exist. Any donations can be given via paypal donations to the user metulburr of whom the digital ocean account the site is under. All donors get added to the donor wall. If you wish to remain anonymous, describe so in the note section of paypal donation.