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3.x Removed 3.x Replacement
reload(M) imp.reload(M) (or exec)
apply(f, ps, ks) f(*ps, **ks)
'X' repr(X)
X <> Y x != Y
long int
9999L 9999
D.has_key(K) K in D(or D.get(key) != None)
raw_input(K) input(K)
old input eval(input())
xrange range
file open(and io module classes) X.__next__,called by next(X)
X.__getslice__ X.__getitem__ passed a slice object
X.__setslice__ X.__setitem__ passed a slice object
reduce functools.reduce(or loop code)
execfile(filename) exec(open(filename).read())
exec open(filename) exec(open(filename).read())
0777 0o777
print x, y print(x, y)
print >> F, x, y print(x, y, file=F)
print x, y, print(x, y, end=' ')
u'ccc' 'ccc'
'bbb' for byte strings b'bbb'
raise E, V raiseE(V)
except E, V: except E as X:
def f((a, b)): def f(x): (a, b) = x
file.xreadlines for line in file: (or X=iter(file))
D.keys, etc. as lists list(D.keys()) (dictionary views)
map(), range, etc. as lists list(map()), list(range()) (built-ins)
map(None, ...) zip(or manuel code to pad results)
X=D.keys(); X.sort() sorted(D) (or list(D.keys()))
cmp(x, y) (x > y) - (x < y)
X.__cmp__(y) __lt__, __gt__, __eq__, etc.
X.__nonzero__ X.__bool__
X.__hex__, X.__oct__ X.__index__
sort comparison functions Use key=transform or reverse=True
Dictionary <, >, <=, >= compare sorted(D.items()) (or loop code)
types.ListType list(types is for nonbuilt-in names only)
__metaclass__ = M class C(metaclass=M):
__builtin__ builtins (renamed)
Tkinter tkinter (renamed)
sys.exc_type, exc_value sys.exc_info()[0], [1]
function.func_code function.__code__
__getattr__ run by built-ins Redefine __X__ methods in wrapper classes
-t, -tt command-line switches inconsistant tabs/spaces use is always an error
from ... *, within a function May only appear at the top level of a file
import mod, in same package from . import mod, package=relative form
class MyException class MyException(Exception)
exceptions module built-in scope, library manual
thread, Queue modules _thread, queue (both renamed)
anydbm module dbm(renamed)
cPickle module _pickle (renamed, used automatically)
os.popen2/3/4 subprocess.Popen (os.popen retained)
String-based exceptions Class-based exceptions (also required in 2.6)
String module functions String object methods
Unbound methods Functions (staticmethod to call via instance)
Mixed type comparisons, sorts Nonnumeric mixted type comparisons are errors