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123 basic is a backwards to GLBasic compatible compiler that targets HTML5 + JavaScript. So your GLBasic games run with nearly zero modifications. It is self-hosting which means, it can compile itself and run on any target. 123 basic focus is at giving the programmer a tool for Rapid Prototyping and making applications easy. Currently there are a lot of game programming related functions, due to its main goal of supporting GLBasic (which is geared towards game programming), but in future, 123basic will also support UI programming, 3D programming, network programming and much more - step by step it will evolve into a general purpose rapid prototyping toolset for programmer, while still staying easy to use for beginners.

123basic - programming as easy as counting


To compile 123 basic you need the GLBasic IDE (get it from: ). It should compile fine on the trial version of GLBasic. After you have compiled 123 basic (which does not need any 3rd party library - everything is handcrafted :D), you can start programming. There will be 3 possibilities to do so:

  • In the GLBasic IDE: Here you can embed a macro which runs the script in the current IDE ("Macro.txt" in the root directory of this project)
  • Have your own texteditor and run the file with your own script.
  • Wait until the Melange IDE is finished, which is a completely web-based development enviroment (this could take a while tough)

Supported Platforms

These browsers are/will be supported by 123basic - Google Chrome is the main test platform though.

  • Chrome (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Firefox (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Safari (Desktop)
  • Opera (Desktop)
  • Internet Explorer (Desktop)

With the following operating systems, but keep in mind, that even I do not test other platforms, it may run perfectly on them.

  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • Android 4.3


123 basic is a backwards to GLBasic compatible compiler that targets HTML5 + JavaScript. So your GLBasic applications run with nearly zero modifications.




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