Yet Another Popup for facebook fbml application, using Yaps.
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= Yapopup

==== A popup manager for Facebook applications

Yapopup is a customzable tool for building popups inside Facebook FBML applications.

It's Javascript and FBJS but you need to have YAPS to use it (YAPS is provided in sources).

=== Targeted platforms

We try to make our code usable on every platform. 
For now, it has been tested only on : 

* Mozilla Firefox 3.6
* Apple Safari 4
* Internet Explorer 6 et 7

== Using Yapopup

To use Yaps in your Facebook application, download the latest release of YAPS and Yapopup and copy the javascript files to a
suitable location. Then include it in your HTML/FBML like this: 

	<script src="/path/to/base.js"></script>
	<script src="/path/to/yapopup.js"></script>

Then instanciate a Yapopup class, providing wanted parameters, to get a popup. Like so :

	<script type="text/javascript">
		var yapopup = new Yapopup({content: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...', okButton: false, overlay: false});

== Contributing to Yapopup

Check out the Yapopup source with 

	$ git clone git://
For now, we prefer that you fork the git repository and submit merge request.

== Documentation

Ther isn’t any Yapopup specific documentation. 

You can dig the code to find what is possible to do with it.

== License

Yapopup is licensed under the terms of the WTFPL, see the included WTFPL-LICENSE file.