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Sprite Tour

iOS target by Robert Linnemann**


What is this?

This is a version of the sample program 'Sprite Tour' for mac os x built for iphone and ipad.

This Sprite Kit example uses multiple scenes to demonstrate each of the different features of the SKSpriteNode class.

  • Each scene demonstrates one major concept. You can learn one technique from each sample, then decide which techniques are useful and how to combine them together.

  • APLBasicSprites Shows how to create a default textured or untextured sprite.

  • APLColorizedSprites Shows how to apply a colorization effect to a textured sprite.

  • ColorizedAnimatingSprite Shows animating colorization effect. Originally part of APLColorizedSprites on mac os version.

  • APLResizingSprites Shows how a sprite can be resized, with different scaling effects applied to the texture.

  • APLSpriteAnchors Shows how a sprite’s anchor position can be changed so that the texture image is not centered on the sprite’s position.

  • APLSpriteBlending Shows how an additive blending mode can be used to simulate lights.

  • APLAnimatedSprites Shows how a sprite’s texture image can be animated.





See LICENSE. Some Files Copyright (c) 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.


A build of the Apple Sample program Spite Tour for iPhone and iPad (instead of Mac OS X).



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