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These limitation were also present in PHP-CRUD-API.

  • Primary keys should either be auto-increment (from 1 to 2^53) or UUID
  • Composite primary or foreign keys are not supported
  • Complex writes (transactions) are not supported
  • Complex queries calling functions (like "concat" or "sum") are not supported
  • MySQL storage engine must be either InnoDB or XtraDB
  • Only MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLServer support spatial/GIS functionality


These features match features in PHP-CRUD-API.

  • Supports POST variables as input (x-www-form-urlencoded)
  • Supports a JSON object as input
  • Supports a JSON array as input (batch insert)
  • Supports file upload from web forms (multipart/form-data)
  • Optional condensed JSON: only first row contains field names
  • Sanitize and validate input using callbacks
  • Permission system for databases, tables, columns and records
  • Multi-tenant database layouts are supported
  • Multi-domain CORS support for cross-domain requests
  • Combined requests with support for multiple table names
  • Search support on multiple criteria
  • Pagination, seeking, sorting and column selection
  • Relation detection nested results (belongsTo, hasMany and HABTM)
  • Atomic increment support via PATCH (for counters)
  • Binary fields supported with base64 encoding
  • Spatial/GIS fields and filters supported with WKT
  • Unstructured data support through JSON/JSONB
  • Generate API documentation using OpenAPI tools
  • Authentication via JWT token or username/password

Extra Features

These features are new and where not included in PHP-CRUD-API.

  • Does not reflect on every request (better performance)
  • Complex filters (with both "and" & "or") are supported
  • Support for input and output of database structure and records
  • Support for all major database systems (thanks to jOOQ)
  • Support for boolean and binary data in all database engines
  • Support for relational data on read (not only on list operation)


Multi-domain CORS support

By default all cross-origin requests are allowed. Use the key "rest.cors.allowed-origins" and set it to one or multiple hosts in a comma separated list (e.g. "http://localhost:8080,http://localhost:9090").

Extra Features

Input and output of database structure and records

These are the supported types:

character types:

  • varchar(length)
  • char(length)
  • longvarchar(length)
  • clob(length)

unicode types:

  • nvarchar(length)
  • nchar(length)
  • longnvarchar(length)
  • nclob(length)

boolean types:

  • boolean
  • bit

integer types:

  • tinyint
  • smallint
  • integer
  • bigint

floating point types:

  • double
  • float
  • real

decimal types:

  • numeric(precision,scale)
  • decimal(precision,scale)

date/time types:

  • date
  • time
  • timestamp

binary types:

  • binary(length)
  • varbinary(length)
  • longvarbinary(length)
  • blob(length)

other types:

  • other /* for JDBC unknown types */
  • record /* for JDBC STRUCT type */
  • result /* emulates REF CURSOR types and similar constructs */
  • uuid /* non-jdbc type, limited support */
  • geometry /* non-jdbc type, extension with limited support */
  • xml /* non-jdbc type, extension with limited support */
  • json /* non-jdbc type, extension with limited support */

The length parameter is always optional and not recommended on binary types and large objects (such as clob and nclob).