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Arlo James Barnes ArloJamesBarnes

Student at @SFCC

Green Square Industries Lamy, New Mexico

Aiekick aiekick

Fascinated by programming under all its forms.


Adam Waselnuk AWaselnuk

Human centered developer @Shopify

Ottawa, ON, Canada

1l0 1l0

Earth, Laniakea

Jack Rugile jackrugile

Web and Game Development | Demos at | Front End Developer @the-firm-graphics | Ask me anything!

The Firm Graphics Denver, CO

David Brownman xavdid

API Engineer at @zapier. Tinkerer, etc.

Zapier Menlo Park, CA

rexarski rexarski

postgraduate for now

University of Toronto Toronto/Yangzhou/Canberra

Gokce Ozan Toptas gokceozan

Unlem Ajans Ankara, Turkey

Filippo Costa neysofu

I happen to be a script kiddie with a Knuth reward check. Web fanatic.

Aggressively unemployed Italy

Ray Lugo, Jr. rlugojr

A Udacian who loves to code. Technology fascinates me and we live in a time of great innovations. I'm addicted to forking and spend most free time on GitHub!

New York, NY

Thibault Goudouneix Nilmanduil

MOONDA Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France

Jonathan Gross jonathanrgross

An aerospace engineer living in LA

Los Angeles

Greg Linklater EternalDeiwos

Rhodes University Grahamstown, ZA

DJ burg089

Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Norris mstnorris

Founder & Director at Whiteboard. Geek. Animal Lover. Chef; I like to cook, and bake, awesome software - as well as great tasting vegan food.

Whiteboard London, UK

Cheng Gu gucheen

It's the thought that counts.

Shanghai, China

Ruben Dorado PoRiLo

Python and Geographic Information systems, basically. Want details? Check my LinkedIn

San Jose, CA

Justin Gosses JustinGOSSES

JavaScript | Python | Data Visualization | Web Development | Geology | Space | Analytics | IoT | Learn, Build Stuff, and Figure Things Out

Houston, TX, USA

Matthew Butler mbutler

Researcher in a digital humanities studio. MFA in intermedia and digital art

Intermedia Systems Iowa City, Iowa