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2048 Solver Bookmarklet

The code in this repository is the implementation of a heuristic algorithm that automates winning Gabriele Cirulli's game 2048.

It does so by recursively analyzing the tree of possible moves given the current board, selecting the move where a certain heuristic score turns out maximal. The heuristic favors fewer tiles, monotone rows and columns, and having higher values near the corners instead of the center.

This implementation is not a fork of the original game code; instead it runs as a Bookmarklet, which means the code is injected into the page in real-time. It features a basic UI for starting and stopping execution.


Visit for the bookmarkable script link and usage guidelines.


Building this project requires Node to be installed. Moreover, you need to have Gulp (npm install -g gulp).

After cloning this repository, run npm install to set up its dependencies. Then it can be compiled (built) by running gulp, after which the target directory will contain the minified loader as well as the minified solver script.


The unit tests in this project use Mocha's web interface. First, build this project. Then, open test/index.html in your favorite browser. The tests should start running automatically.