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browser: false
node: true
ecmaVersion: 6
# important
eol-last: [error, always]
no-irregular-whitespace: [error]
strict: [error, global]
eqeqeq: [error]
no-use-before-define: [error, { functions: false, variables: true }]
no-invalid-regexp: [error]
no-empty-character-class: [error]
no-unreachable: [error]
semi: [error, always]
no-unexpected-multiline: [error]
no-dupe-args: [error]
no-dupe-keys: [error]
no-duplicate-case: [error]
valid-typeof: [error]
no-unsafe-negation: [error]
no-redeclare: [error]
no-delete-var: [error]
# possible errors
no-obj-calls: [error]
no-unused-vars: [error]
no-shadow: [error]
no-compare-neg-zero: [error]
no-cond-assign: [error]
no-return-assign: [error]
no-sparse-arrays: [error]
radix: [error]
handle-callback-err: [error]
no-constant-condition: [warn]
no-extra-boolean-cast: [warn]
no-param-reassign: [warn]
no-self-assign: [warn]
no-self-compare: [warn]
no-throw-literal: [warn]
no-useless-return: [warn]
# deprecations
no-octal: [error]
no-octal-escape: [error]
no-with: [error]
no-eval: [error]
no-alert: [warn]
no-debugger: [warn]
no-var: [warn]
# style
wrap-iife: [error, any]
max-len: [warn, 120]
no-trailing-spaces: [warn]
space-in-parens: [warn, never]
no-extra-parens: [warn]
indent: [warn, 4]
quotes: [warn, double, { avoidEscape: true }]
camelcase: [warn, { properties: always }]
space-before-blocks: [warn, always]
curly: [warn, all]
no-empty: [warn]
brace-style: [warn, 1tbs]
comma-style: [warn, last]
comma-dangle: [warn, always-multiline]
dot-notation: [warn]
yoda: [warn]
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