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This is a Java library for working with Scratch (up to v1.4) and BYOB project files. You can load projects created in those applications or create them with code, change all objects they contain, and also write them out to files.

Loading a project

ScratchReader r = new ScratchReader();
try {
    ScratchProject scratchProject = File(""));
    ScratchProject byobProject = File("project.ypr"));
} catch (IOException e) {

Creating a project

ScratchProject project = new ScratchProject(ScratchVersion.SCRATCH14);
// project is a fully working, albeit empty, Scratch project
// the following actions are examples of what's possible

// set metadata
project.setInfoProperty(ScratchProject.INFO_COMMENT, new ScratchObjectUtf8("My awesome project!"));

// get the stage
ScratchObjectStageMorph stage = project.getStage();

// add a sprite
ScratchObjectSpriteMorph sprite = new ScratchObjectSpriteMorph();

// ...

Saving a project

ScratchProject project = new ScratchProject(ScratchVersion.SCRATCH14);
// ... or load it from somewhere

ScratchWriter w = new ScratchWriter(new File(""));
try {
} catch (IOException e) {

Image to form conversion

Sprite costumes and stage backgrounds require images to be given as "forms" (either ScratchObjectForm or ScratchObjectColorForm). Conversion to those formats is rather involved, which is why ScratchFormEncoder exists:

BufferedImage img = /* obtain source image here */;
// convert to form
ScratchObjectForm form = ScratchFormEncoder.encode(img);

// create media object
ScratchObjectImageMedia cos = new ScratchObjectImageMedia();
cos.setField(ScratchObjectMedia.FIELD_MEDIA_NAME, new ScratchObjectUtf8("costume name"));
cos.setField(ScratchObjectImageMedia.FIELD_FORM, form);

// use media object - add to sprite, for example
ScratchObjectSpriteMorph sprite = new ScratchObjectSpriteMorph();
sprite.setField(ScratchObjectSpriteMorph.FIELD_MEDIA, new ScratchObjectOrderedCollection(Arrays.asList(cos)));
sprite.setField(ScratchObjectSpriteMorph.FIELD_COSTUME, cos);


Inline: Constants

ID Package Constant Name
1 scratchlib.objects ScratchObject.NIL
2 scratchlib.objects.inline ScratchObjectBoolean.TRUE
3 scratchlib.objects.inline ScratchObjectBoolean.FALSE

Inline: Numbers

Package: scratchlib.objects.inline

Use the general ScratchObjectAbstractNumber for access, the other classes for creation.

ID Class Name Use for
4 ScratchObjectSmallInteger int values
5 ScratchObjectSmallInteger16 short values
6 ScratchObjectLargePositiveInteger positive BigDecimal values
7 ScratchObjectLargeNegativeInteger negative BigDecimal values
8 ScratchObjectFloat double values

Fixed format: data


For the string classes below, use the general ScratchObjectAbstractString for access, the other classes for creation.

ID Class Name Use for
9 ScratchObjectString ASCII strings
10 ScratchObjectSymbol ASCII strings fixed by Scratch
11 ScratchObjectByteArray byte[] data
12 ScratchObjectSoundBuffer sound data
13 ScratchObjectBitmap image data
14 ScratchObjectUtf8 UTF-8 strings

Fixed format: collections

Package: scratchlib.objects.fixed.collections

For array, ordered collection, set and identity set, use the general ScratchObjectAbstractCollection for access, the other classes for creation. For dictionary and identity dictionary, use ScratchObjectAbstractDictionary.

ID Class Name Use for
20 ScratchObjectArray lists of objects
21 ScratchObjectOrderedCollection lists of objects
22 ScratchObjectSet lists of objects
23 ScratchObjectIdentitySet lists of objects
24 ScratchObjectDictionary maps of objects to other objects
25 ScratchObjectIdentityDictionary maps of objects to other objects

Fixed format: colors

Package: scratchlib.objects.fixed.colors

ID Class Name Use for
30 ScratchObjectColor colors without transparency
31 ScratchObjectTranslucentColor colors with transparency (alpha)

Fixed format: dimensions

Package: scratchlib.objects.fixed.dimensions

ID Class Name Use for
32 ScratchObjectPoint 2D points (x, y)
33 ScratchObjectRectangle 2D rectangles (x, y, width, height)

Fixed format: forms

Package: scratchlib.objects.fixed.forms

ID Class Name Use for
34 ScratchObjectForm images
35 ScratchObjectColorForm images with lookup table

User-class: morphs

Package: scratchlib.objects.user.morphs

ID Class Name Description
100 ScratchObjectMorph base class for all morphs
124 ScratchObjectSpriteMorph sprites
125 ScratchObjectStageMorph the stage
125 ScratchObjectListMorph user-created list displayable on stage

User-class: media


ID Class Name Description
109 ScratchObjectSampledSound a sound split into samples
162 ScratchObjectImageMedia media container for images
164 ScratchObjectSoundMedia media container for sounds

User-class: UI

Package: scratchlib.objects.user.morphs.ui

ID Class Name Description
104 ScratchObjectAlignmentMorph lays out other morphs stage
105 ScratchObjectStringMorph fixed string display
106 ScratchObjectUpdatingStringMorph dynamic string display
107 ScratchObjectSimpleSliderMorph slider
110 ScratchObjectImageMorph slider knob
155 ScratchObjectWatcherMorph variable watcher
173 ScratchObjectWatcherReadoutFrameMorph variable watcher readout
174 ScratchObjectWatcherSliderMorph slider extension for watcher

User-class: BYOB objects

Package: scratchlib.objects.user

ID Class Name Description
201 ScratchObjectCustomBlockDefinition BYOB's custom blocks
205 ScratchObjectVariableFrame required for script variables