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Node writable stream with a single data target
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This Node package offers a writable stream implementation that forwards all data to another Writable, the "target".

This is useful for adding functionality to a Writable without patching the original object. WritableWrapper can be extended easily and will handle the forwarding of any data written to it, while not making that data available to any external consumer.

Transform streams are unsuitable for that purpose, since data listeners can always be attached.


npm install --save writable-wrapper


Simple Example

const fs = require("fs");
const WritableWrapper = require("writable-wrapper");

const wrapper = new WritableWrapper(fs.createWriteStream("file.txt"));

Custom Class Example

Of course, this functionality is really only useful for custom object types:

const fs = require("fs");
const util = require("util");
const WritableWrapper = require("writable-wrapper");

// Class for new items. You can write data, and when done, store the item.
// Not calling 'store' dismisses the item.
function NewlyCreatedItem(target) {, target);

// make NewlyCreatedItem a subclass of WritableWrapper
util.inherits(NewlyCreatedItem, WritableWrapper); = function () {
    this.end(function () {
        // store this item

// ...

const item = new NewlyCreatedItem(fs.createWriteStream("file.txt"));
item.write("hello world", "utf8");;
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