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download streams and schedule the downloads easily
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= Sifolux =

Sifolux is a program that allows you to download streams and schedule the downloads easily.
If a stream stops for some reason, 
the download will continue when the stream is available again

The prebuilt version can be found here:

Required packages
For using the prebuilt version, the following packages need to be installed:

For building from the source:

Building from source
cd to the directory where the file "sifolux.gpr" is located, and then:
gprmake -Psifolux
this will create a the executable binary called "sifolux" under the "build" directory.

After installing the required packages listed above, just put the binary file "sifolux" wherever you like.

Run the application from the command line:
[~]$ /path/to/binary/file/sifolux

The download streams are saved under ~/sifolux_downloads
The exact location is based on the name of the download and the time the download started.
For example, if a download is scheduled to begin at 23/7/2010 and its name is "my_favorite_program", 
then the location of the downloaded files could be something like: 

Files that were downloaded from a Live stream are not seekable.
Downloading of a Prerecorded stream (non Live stream) is, currently, unsupported. 
It is possible to download such a stream, but the downloaded file might not be complete.

The only supported protocol right now is MMS.

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