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Circuit Breaker

In order to avoid the domino effect which can be caused when a service zou integrate with fails.
A circuit breaker can block all outgoing connection until the fuse is hot to allow the subsystem to regain

As an example, you may want to integrate layerA with layerB over HTTP.
Let's say layerA calls layerB's web-services. When an error happens with layerB,
and the first request times out, the circuit breaker gets notified about the error and if the TriggerStrategy says
so, it becomes hot.
In hot state, all following calls from layerA will be prevented from ever leaving the layer with a
CircuitBrokenException. If the configured CoolDownStrategy thinks it is safe, the CircuitBreaker will let connections 

In the example, the CoolDownStartegy waits 5 seconds before becoming cool, and the TriggerStrategy reacts only to 
runtime exceptions.

To use the CircuitBreaker, you have to configure a CoolDownStrategy and a TriggerStrategy.
You have to wrap your operation in a Command object.
The execution() method of the CircuitBreaker will return a Response object with the result of the Command's execute
method, the success of the execution, and the raised exception (if there's any)