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Enables declaring 'InternalsVisibleTo' items in a .NET project file, rather than declaring them to an AssemblyInfo.cs file.
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The code is an adaptation of to fit my needs. It adds the notion of suffix and the default suffix.

NuGet version

Allow to declare InternalsVisibleTo in the csproj file, rather than declaring them to an AssemblyInfo.cs file.

How to use

  1. Install the Meziantou.MSBuild.InternalsVisibleTo NuGet package.
  2. Edit your csproj file:
<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
    <InternalsVisibleTo Include="CustomTest1" /> <!-- [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("CustomTest1")] -->
    <InternalsVisibleTo Include="CustomTest2, PublicKey=abc" /> <!-- [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("CustomTest2, PublicKey=abc")] -->
    <InternalsVisibleTo Include="$(AssemblyName).Custom" /> <!-- [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("ClassLibrary1.Custom")] -->

    <InternalsVisibleToSuffix Include=".Tests" /> <!-- [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("ClassLibrary1.Tests")] -->
    <InternalsVisibleToSuffix Include=".FunctionalTests" /> <!-- [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("ClassLibrary1.FunctionalTests")] -->


This will generate the appropriate InternalsVisibleTo attributes for your assembly.

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