Bare bones, dual cat feeder control for use with an RFID reader
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Open Access Control - Cat Food Edition

This is a stripped-down version of the 23b hackerspace's Open Access Control system, intended for embedded use with an RFID reader for authenticating cat-implanted Wiegand RFID chips to control cat feeding. Please see for the main/full version.

For more info, contact @meznak on Twitter.


  • This folder
    • Open Access Control folder
      • Open Access Control.pde (Arduino code -- open from the Arduino IDE.)
    • libraries folder (copy the contents of this folder to your Arduino program's libraries folder.)
      • PCATTACH folder
        • keywords.txt
        • PCATTACH.cpp
        • PCATTACH.h
      • Wiegand26 folder
        • keywords.txt
        • WIEGAND26.cpp
        • WIEGAND26.h
    • hardware folder
      • open-access-interlock.brd (This will change dramatically before it's finished. Currently, it's a control board for a laser.)