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ng2-flatpickr is a lightweight Angular wrapper for flatpickr, which is usable in reactive forms inside Angular.

Examples are here:

npm install --save flatpickr ng2-flatpickr
yarn add flatpickr ng2-flatpickr

For RxJS v5 use ^5.0.2 and for RxJS v6 use ^6.0.2.

Your bundle size will thank you for that.

npm install --save flatpickr ng2-flatpickr@5.0.2
yarn add flatpickr ng2-flatpickr@5.0.2


npm install --save flatpickr ng2-flatpickr@6.0.2
yarn add flatpickr ng2-flatpickr@6.0.2

How to use:

Import the Ng2FlatpickrModule to your NgModule:

import { Ng2FlatpickrModule } from 'ng2-flatpickr';

  imports: [

Example usage in a form component html template:

<ng2-flatpickr formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>

Overwrite the default flatpickr properties by inputting any of the flatpickr options:

import { FlatpickrOptions } from 'ng2-flatpickr';

let exampleOptions: FlatpickrOptions = {
  defaultDate: '2017-03-15'

<ng2-flatpickr [config]="exampleOptions" formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>

Add locale to the options

import { FlatpickrOptions } from 'ng2-flatpickr';
import Russian from 'flatpickr/dist/l10n/ru.js';

let exampleOptions: FlatpickrOptions = {

<ng2-flatpickr [config]="exampleOptions" formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>

Set a placeholder for the input:

<ng2-flatpickr placeholder="Pick a date!" formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>

Set a date using a string or a date object:

let randomDateString = '1988-09-19';
let randomDateObject = new Date( 1234567891011 );

<ng2-flatpickr [setDate]="randomDateString" formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>
<ng2-flatpickr [setDate]="randomDateObject" formControlName="formControlName"></ng2-flatpickr>

Flatpickr css needs to be loaded separately. when using @angular/cli, load it in angular-cli.json.

"styles": [

From v6, in angular.json:

"styles": [
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