Known Issues

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  • The demo’s HTML5 range input sliders are browser-specific for now. Safari, Chrome and Opera offer the best experience. Firefox and IE9 offer fallback input controls that allow basic use. Mobile is terrible at the moment.
  • PaintbrushJS doesn’t work in versions of IE prior to 9, period. Can’t fix. It fails gracefully by not applying the filters, and that’s the best it’ll get until IE9 is widespread. (If you really need IE support now, try Explorer Canvas )
  • Gaussian Blur is computationally expensive (read: slow), it basically has to make 6x as many passes as the other filters.
  • Convolution matrix support is early and experimental; a rewrite or reworking will be necessary.
  • Running PaintbrushJS on a local machine fails in certain browsers (Firefox, Chrome) because of XSS-related security errors. This is an issue of browser security defaults getting in the way of what you’d like to do, it’s not a PaintbrushJS bug. There does appear to be a browser setting in Firefox that will fix the problem, if you so choose. The only other alternative is always running PaintbrushJS off a local or remote web server instead of from your file system. View the remotely-hosted demo in your browser to confirm it works when placed on a server.
  • Similar to the local machine issue above, applying PaintbrushJS to images from domains other than your own fails due to XSS security precautions. One possible fix for this is the $.getImageData jQuery plugin.
  • Delays in script running in slower JS parsers (Opera, Firefox 3.6). Could use optimization + web worker help.
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