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Copyright (c) 2011, Dave Shea
All rights reserved.
A set of reusable snippets from my personal collection, mostly for my own reference.
Perhaps you'll find something useful or interesting. A lot of the code could be cleaned up and improved in a lot of ways, don't go looking for stellar coding practices in here.
|-- smooth-random-int: simple function to return non-repeating random integers (available as PHP too)
|-- form-to-email: generic configurable form that posts to email
|-- mysql-backup: backup and restore a MySQL database to a flat file. (Specialized version of mysql-helper)
|-- mysql-helper: functions for controlling database creation with PHP
|-- random-daily: simple function to return a different random integer once per day
|-- random-smooth: simple function to return sequential non-repeating random integers (available as Javascript too)
|-- random-unique: simple function to return an array of non-repeating random integers
|-- subnav-post-keys.php: create a nav listing using a custom field as the page title
|-- wordpress-server-transfer: a set of scripts to facilitate easier Wordpress server transfers. (Customized version of PHP/mysql-backup)