Mini perl script to generate a table of contents from tags left in a CSS/SCSS file.
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CSS Contents

A relatively simple script to generate a formatted table of contents for a SASS/CSS file based loosely on the format used by the inuit.css framework.

What the script does

The script detects two different title markers in CSS, the first is the usual:


The second is a shorthand version:


The ToC output is:

  * OTHER-ITEM-HERE..........

Simple stuff but I've found it to be really useful when you're making a lot of changes to a stylesheet and aren't keeping the TOC of up to date.

Recommended/Example usage

# Add (or update if already exists) a table of contents to our stylesheet
./ -f style.css

# To see which lines are triggering a section title run with -v and -n
./ -n -v -f style.css

Checkout the perldoc for full details.