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Convert Jigoshop Orders to WooCommerce Orders

First of all, this plugin is really intended for devs to use. If you're not confident with the layout of WordPress content in your database then this plugin isn't for you. If you are, read on.

What's the deal?

I needed to convert a Jigoshop site to use WooCommerce. I installed and ran the free (though discontinued) plugin by WooThemes for the shop migration. This worked well, but didn't actually do anything with the pre-existing orders, it only converted products and appropriate meta data.

I had a look at some of the other free plugins I could find to do the job, but they didn't work for various reasons. By this point, I'd made a sample order via WC and compared the data structure to that of an old order. It seemed a quick conversion script might be the answer.

As the plugin is only intended for a one-off run by myself it's pretty (very?) quick-and-dirty. YMMV.

Running The Plugin

  • Definitely take a backup of your database before starting. If the plugin goes haywire and drops your database you'll need it.
  • Put your site into maintain once mode. I used WP Maintenance Mode which worked fine.
  • Install and enable the plugin.
  • Access the public facing part of site to trigger the main conversion. It hooks in on wp_head (yeah, I know), and will output some logging to the browser (hence the maintenance mode).
  • Disable and remove the plugin.
  • Take your site out of maintenance mode.

Caveats and Questions

All the order statuses are set to completed. Why?

This is hard coded. I knew all the orders I needed to convert had been fulfilled and it was easiest for me just to set the status explicitly. A grep of the code for wc-completed will allow you to find the relevant line that needs tweaking if this is an issue.

I want to run this behind the scenes?

You can't as the plugin stands, but it wouldn't be a major change to unhook from wp_head and then run as part of eval-file argument using WP CLI. Other ways beyond that are left as an exercise for the reader.

I've got a crazy high number of orders and the page timed out. Does the plugin pick up from where it left off?


Does the plugin handle WordPress database table prefixes?

No. Even better than that, all the table references are hard-coded. When I said the plugin was 'quick-and-dirty' I really meant it.

I have some custom fields that I'd like to map between orders?

I also had some custom fields to map, notably to do with personal message and delivery date per order. You can look at those for an idea of what to do. I'd recommened running some queries to check the data format of the old custom field.


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