A slight adaption on the usual 'recent posts' WordPress widget that allows only showing posts from a select category.
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Pretty much the WordPress Recent Posts plugin, but with the option to only show posts in a specific category.

This plugin was the result of wanting to split some of my non-technical posts out of the home page widget I use for recent articles I've put online. I figured two wigets was the answer, one for technical, one for non-technical. WordPress already knows the difference anyway based on the categories I put the posts in, I just needed to utilise this for the display.


As easy as usual.

  1. Copy the PHP file to your plugins directory.
  2. Enable the plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Situate the widget in the widget area as you would with the 'Recent Posts' widget.


Note that if you have custom styles in place for the usual recent posts widget you'll probably need to update them to be applied to this widget. Something like s/widget_recent_posts/widget_recent_per_category/ should be sufficient.