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Twitter Bootstrap plugin for US Congress-related widgets
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A jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap providing US Congress-related widget(s).

This plugin uses the (Sunlight Labs Congress API)[] for its queries.


This plugin depends on the following libraries:

The latter three are all included as submodules of this repo in the /lib directory. (However, I should note that in the tests, the Twitter Bootstrap libraries all come from


Assuming you have the dependencies loaded, just add the bootstrap-congress.js library to your page:

<script src="../js/bootstrap-congress.js"></script>

Basic (HTML-only) Usage

ZIP Code Congress Lookup

The code below will magically turn into a fully functional congress lookup.

<form class="congress" data-target="#myCongress" data-alert="#myAlerts" data-sunlight-apikey="YOUR_API_KEY">
  <input type="text" class="zip-code">
  <button type="submit" class="btn btn-info">Find</button>
<div id="myAlerts"></div>
<div id="myCongress"></div>

Okay, it's not really magically.

The ZIP Code Congress Lookup widget has three components:

  1. a form to submit a ZIP code
  2. a div in which to display results
  3. a div in which to display alerts (optional)

ZIP Code Form

The ZIP code form needs to have:

  • class="congress" - the plugin uses this in the selector to find the form
  • an <input> element with class="zip-code" - the plugin uses this for it's query
  • a <button> to submit the form - the plugin listens for the submit event
  • the following attributes:
    • data-sunlight-apikey - your Sunlight Labs API key (get one)
    • data-target - the selector for the div to display results in
    • data-alert - the selector for the div to display alerts in (optional)

Customizing Results Fields

The results will display in the div specified by the selector in the data-target attribute of the form.

By specifying field names in the data-fields attribute of the target div, the fields, and their order can be customized.

<div id="myCongress" data-fields="name phone"></div>

The fields must be space-separated in the attribute. The following are the valid fields:

  • contact - webform, twitter, and facebook
  • district - state (+ CD if house)
  • name - title + first + last
  • phone - uh...

Advanced (JavaScript) Usage

Bother me and I'll write it up in more detail. :D

In a nutshell, you don't need the form, you really just need a target div. For example:

$('<div>').attr({id: "myCongress"}).congress({
    sunlightApikey: "YOUR_API_KEY"
  , alert: "#myAlerts"
  , zipCode: "90210"

Obviously, this might be useful in the case where you might acquire location data from the user by other means.

By including the zipCode in the initial setup, it automatically runs the query, but one could leave it out, and just do the query later. For example:

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