An openFrameworks addon with a bunch of shader-based filters
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Matthew Fargo
Matthew Fargo updates for 0.9.2
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This is an addon for openFrameworks ( that based on the shaders available in Brad Larson's iOS GPUImage library ( as well as a number of effects from the ofxCv addon I've moved into shaders for improved performance.

There's a real-time Difference of Gaussian filter that makes you look like a cartoon, a Kuwahara Filter for the kids, Perlin Pixelization for the grownups, Motion Tracking for the paranoid, and a creepy Bilateral filter for the self-conscious teen in all of us. You might also enjoy the stained glass-looking Voronoi implementation, the retro CGA Color Space filter, or the utilitarian Harris Corner Detection.

Here's a few of the filters in action:


Nothing, really.