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Turn objects into typesafe proxies to access potentially undefined properties.

Getting started

Let's say you download some unsafe data that should match a given interface:

interface Something {
  foo?: {
    bar?: {
      str?: string;
    baz?: {
      num?: number;

const data: Something = await fetch(url).then(r => r.json());

Some properties may be present but others may not!

const str =!.bar!.str; // OK?
const num =!.baz!.num; // Error?

Use partialize to wrap an object in a typesafe Proxy:

import partialize, { Part } from '@mfellner/partialize';

const some: Part<Something> = partialize(data);

Now all the declared properties of the object will definitely be defined! That's because each value is turned into an object with all the original properties of that value plus a special $resolve() function. In order to retrieve the original raw value you simply call $resolve():

const str: string | undefined =$resolve(); // without fallback
const str: string =$resolve('fallback'); //  with fallback

See test/index.test.ts for some examples.