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Introduction to the Julia programming language

Material for the RWTH Julia workshop taking place on 17th and 18th February 2022. For more details check out the course website.

Software and material

What you need for the workshop (quick overview):

  • Julia 1.8
  • Jupyter and IJulia.jl
  • This repository of workshop materials
  • All required dependencies (Julia packages) for the workshop

Getting Julia

For following the course you will need at least Julia 1.8. Julia can be easily obtained in binary form from Julia downloads.

Getting all the rest

To get the remaining files and dependencies start up julia and in the resulting REPL shell, copy and paste the following:

import Downloads
script ="")

This downloads the install.jl script and runs it from julia. Follow the instructions on the screen and start the Jupyter notebook server with the command that will be printed.

As an alternative you can also also run the following commands manually (this requires to have git and julia available from the commandline):

git clone
cd 2022-rwth-julia-workshop
julia install-manual.jl


If you are facing issues, check out the great troubleshooting section from the WorkshopWizard package by Carsten Bauer (which install.jl is using).

Check everything works

There is a section in the 00_Installation notebook with a few quick commands to check everything works as expected. Please run these before the course.

Working with these notes online (Beta)

Click on the Binder badge to work with these notes online (without a local Julia installation). Note that for some of the exercises the computational performance available on binder might not be sufficient.


Material for the RWTH Julia workshop on 17th and 18th February 2022







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