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Introduction to awk programming 2016

Script, resources and example code for the course Introduction to awk programming 2016 taking place at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg from 15th -- 17th August 2016.

Included files:

  • awk_course.pdf: The main course notes
  • LICENCE: Overview how files in this repository are licenced
  • resources/: Data neccessary to run the examples and do the exercises.

Court order to block access from Project Gutenberg in Germany

As of 3rd March 2018 access to Project Gutenberg is blocked from Germany due to a court order, see the official statement from PGLAF (the organisation hosting Project Gutenberg) for details. This implies as a user with a German IP address you will be unable to use the download script mentioned below. Unfortunately many of the exercises depend on the books from Project Gutenberg and whilst it is possible to do them without the proper book files, the results might deviate. I am currently unaware of a good alternative to obtain the Project Gutenberg books in a simple way and I am unsure about the legal status regards hosting them myself. In the lack of time on my side the excercises will stay broken for now, which I very much regret.


Before being able to do the Project Gutenberg-related exercises, you should run the script resources/gutenberg/ from the resources/gutenberg/ directory, i.e.

cd resources/gutenberg

If you want a more fancy .bashrc configuration, e.g. a coloured output of grep or a colored command prompt, run the script from the files_for_home/ directory.

cd files_for_home

Note that this will replace your current .bashrc and your current .profile in case these files exist.

Course page

The solutions to the exercises as well as some further information about the course can be found on the course website.


If you use any of the script examples or the course notes, please cite my work: DOI


Material for the "Introduction to awk programming" course at Heidelberg University





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