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Compiler and Tools Manual

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Compiler usage

The Jogo compiler reads .jg source files as input, and outputs and exectable, library, or object file.

jogo [OPTIONS] [FILE..]  

With the -e option, the compiler can also be used in pseudo-script mode. In this mode, the compiler builds the program if necessary, and then immediately executes it. The -m option automatically builds all dependencies of files given as input to the compiler, and works as a replacement for make and Makefiles.

Compiler options

Option Description
-a, --assembly Output assembly; do not assemble or link.
-c, --compile Compile, but do not link.
-e, --execute Compile and execute program as a script.
-l, --library LIB Compile and link with library LIB.
-o, --output FILE Write compiler output to FILE.
-i, --include DIR Add directory DIR to the source file search path.
-m, --make Compile input files and out-of-date dependencies.
-d, --output-dir Set the output directory for object files.
-h, --help Print usage information.
-v, --verbose Print extra information during compilation.
--dump-ir Print the intermediate code to standard output.
--dump-ast Print the abstract syntax tree to standard output.
--version Print the compiler version number.

Documentation tool usage

The doc tool parses Jogo .jg source files, and outputs documentation. Note: Currently, only the Markdown format is supported.

jgdoc [FILE...]
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